Master Tai Ji Teacher Chungliang Al Huang, Founder/President of Living Tao Foundation.  Prior to founding Living Tao, Master Huang enjoyed a successful career as a dancer and choreographer.  He performed with such cultural icons as Sammy Davis, Jr. and Bruce Lee.  Master Huang turned me on to his exquisite and original Tai Ji form, Taoism, brush calligraphy, Haiku, and most importantly dance.  I taught his Five Elements and First and Second Circles Tai Ji in Los Angeles and in my A.C.T. classes.  For many years, I organized his workshops in New York and Los Angeles.  Watching Master Huang perform brings tears to my eyes.  Visit

Louise Barrie has been working with mind/body approaches since the mid-70’s. She taught the Rosen Method certification program into the early 90’s.  Over time, Louise developed Huma Transpersonal Bodywork, later Huma Somatic Psychotherapy.  Her work reaches for the central channel of the body.  She believes that from this place is glimpsed that sense of Oneness beneath the pushes and pulls of our material and psychological life.  During eight years of Louise’s tutelage and spacious support, I came into my own as a bodyworker.    When Louise worked on me, I experienced the deep, sacred place  I identified as “in between” my thoughts. Visit

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